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World Map Posters
This World Map Art Prints Collection, starts with pastel color combination artworks. Pastel colors were pretty popular in fashion during the 80s. They now are resurrected from the dead and they are making a spectacular come back.

There’s no wonder why; pastel colors are both soothing and delicious to look at. The baby blue and baby pink seem that they are made for each other and they also work fantastically with washed out mint color. The soft yellow along with the milky orange are to die for! Nowadays, pastel colors are considered to be neutral or near neutral colors. They used to be advertised only for girly audiences, but we can finally appreciate their Art Deco and vintage vibe.

I usually like to add “wanderlust”, “adventure awaits” or “not all those who wander as lost” as text messages which can be included on the print and displayed in golden font. This art journey of the world map art prints continues with a black & white color combination which as we all know is an old time classic. Black is the new black and nothing can change that! The next and final color combination is one with more vivid and bold earth tone colors. The good thing with the earthly color combination is that it goes well with everything, it can probably suit your living room, office, bedroom and for the more progressive among you, your bathroom!

Also, most of the world map artworks can be perfectly combined with the majority of the skyline color scheme collections, and help you create a unique artsy addition on your wall. You can find the most unique world map print for you and your needs among the 100 pieces of artwork. This series also includes detailed maps but also three – piece world maps which are ideal to cover bigger spaces in your bedroom or living room and office. Furthermore you are more than welcome to contact me for customized art prints including names, dates or whatever you need.

Just remember: Wanderlust is more than a state of mind and it will always be a bigger than life trend. Let’s travel together around the globe! Close your eyes, put your finger randomly on the map, open your eyes, and tell me where we’re going!

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