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Canadian City Prints

O Canada! Our home and native land! Canada, the country of maple syrup (pancakesssss!), ice hokey and excessive cold (brrrr!). Also, gorgeous Canada is known for….wait for it…its unyielding politeness and the kindness of the people! How can someone not heart Canada? Eh? Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, Québec, Calgary, Halifax, you name it? I got it! I have invested emotionally in this Canadian skylines art print collection and I am so full of joy to be able to share it with you. Canada is all about the breathtaking Northern Lights and the unbelievable wildlife. In Canada nature and the delightful landscapes meet the impressive skylines in a view that it is hard to forget.

Here, European architecture meets the modern skylines and in the background there are the Niagara Falls — the world’s unofficial honeymoon capital along with Hawaii, heh! One can only think of Canada covered by snow or autumn leaves so I truly recommend the black & white prints, the ones designed in grey color tones or the vibrant earth color combinations. Of course the prints come in pastel color combinations, too.

The triptych of Toronto skyline is to die for and it’ ll accent your space! The thing with this collection is that it can be paired with anything! Canada’s architecture lies in between the European and the American architecture. Prints can be paired beautifully with the US skylines art prints collection and the European skylines one. It goes great with the World Maps but with the Flags, too. Canada screams for diversity and this reflects on this collection. I think that the Canadian skylines can elevate your living room or kitchen cause they are both very sophisticated but they also come with a touch of playfulness.

I tend to believe that this playfulness stems from the fact that when you think of Canada then polar bears come into your mind, heh! Who can be frowning upon such a thought? Eh? As usual, art prints can be customized to ensure that the print will be exactly as you want it; I can include a text in a font of your choice as well as help you find a suitable size for the print! If you do have several ideas regarding the customized print, please do not hesitate to contact me with details and I can send you back some recommendations or mock ups to choose from! Isn’t this a great present? Especially for someone who might miss home? I’ll do my best to be as quick as possible cause, sometimes home has a heartbeat!