Define Your Style Via My 26 Themes For Every City Skyline

Get a closer look in my art styles index, with tags and color combinations themes, to help you navigate in your prefer artwork even more easily.

The NEW Drawing colorful tones theme, comes across as digital line art drawing. The new Drawing colorful tones is a artistic colorful style and it is highly recommended, and intend to bring a little bit more “art” in your living space.

The NEW Drawing cool tones theme, comes across as digital line art drawing. The new Drawing cool tones is a artistic bluish color style and it is highly recommended, and intend to bring a little bit more “art” in your wall gallery.

The NEW Drawing warm tones theme, comes across as digital line art drawing. The new Drawing warm tones is a artistic earthish color style and it is highly recommended, and intend to bring a little bit more “art” in your living area.

The Urban 2 style comes across as a linear drawing due to its sketched background. Urban 2 is a youthful colorful style and it is highly recommended to suit hype homes. Moreover, the rather neurotic, linear sketches are finely fainted by using the watercolor technique.

This color combination is often described as soothing yet playful. It is highly recommended to suit your baby’s nursery or a college room, along with Pastel White, Pastel 2 and Grey Blue color combination. Also, if you have decorated your home in a minimal style, with white (or whiteish) furniture and walls and wooden details this color combination is for you.

This color combination is often described by our reviewers as elegant. It is highly recommended to suit your living room; you can place above your couch or fireplace. This color combination goes well with (semi) dark grey or even yellow walls. In other words, in order to standout, it needs to be displayed in contrast. Of course, Pastel White color combination along with Pastel 2 and Grey Blue is perfect for your children’s room.

This color combination is stylish! It is highly recommended to suit special corners at your house. It can be placed above an armchair or a small table, but it can also complement your halls. Moreover, Pastel 2 along with Pastel Cream, White and Grey Blue are ideal to brighten up dorm rooms or university students’ homes! Not too feminine and not too masculine, this color combination is for anyone. A thoughtful gift for someone who has just graduated!

Grey Blue is a winning color combination. It is ideal for both classic and modern homes. It may come across as too boyish, but it is not! It can be placed in your living room or playroom. It is an ideal piece to complement any metallic details at your home. Furthermore, Grey Blue style along with Pastel Cream or White and Pastel 2 is perfect for college students and your children’s room. This color combination is the best to suit monochromatically decorated homes — either with light tones or darker.

This color combination radiates a feeling of coziness. Despite the ‘cold’ colors, such as the muted green, it exhibits a familiar warmth. This whole category of colors, which includes Earth Tones 2, 3 and 4, is highly recommended for your home library or office. Earth Tones 1 combination is popular for its crisp colors. A wonderful birthday gift!

Earth Tones 2 color combination screams ‘royal’. The deep red along with the grayish and brown are flattering for more classic homes. However, if your home decor reflects retro or vintage styles, this color combination is for you, too! Due to its radiant colors it can be the most lovely and affordable Christmas or Thanks Giving gift!

This color combination is often described as both natural and warm. Along with Earth Tones 1, 2 and 4 is suggested to suit your home office or library. However, if your home decor is complemented by wooden details and if you had your walls painted in a monochromatic style, this combination is for you, too! The colors of this combination are rich but they are also beaming! A gift for someone who misses home!

Icy and cool, this color combination is mellow. Earth Tones 4 is a combination which needs to be contrasted with darker walls and furniture of the same color palette. Along with Earth Tones 1, 2 and 3 is highly recommended to suit your home office or library. This color combination is also ideal for more modern homes due to its delicate details. A wonderful gift for your significant other! Especially, if it is a wistful one!

Black is the new black! Nothing can replace the classiness of this color combination. It is for people who really do know what they want and they can’t have it otherwise! Neither too masculine, nor too feminine, Black & White has always been neutral. This color combination suits every home and every room. There are literally no restrictions. Black & White combination is a celebration of the details! A gift for everyone!

This style is a pure ode to simplicity! Outline style gives you an idea of the basics and leaves the rest to your imagination or memories. It is neither cool nor warm but it is definitely eye-catching. A superb conversational piece for your living room or dining room. This style is the safest, somber and yet the most bold choice for a gift!

This splendid style is for kings and queens. Just kidding! Outline & Faux Gold is an ode to simplicity—just as the basic Outline style is—with a little something extra! It will fit your home perfectly, if the decor you chose for your space is complemented by golden, white or wooden details. This style shouts ‘prestige’ and it is an ideal piece for your office, too. Give it away, as a gift, to those friends of yours who are architects, graphic designers or decorators! They, especially, will appreciate its unique vibe!

Chalkboard is an extremely particular style. This style is recommended to suit ‘urban   environments’ and it needs contrast to stand out. Meaning, Chalkboard is not gonna do it for you if you used dark earth tones and natural materials such as leather for your interior design. However, this style is, indeed, for you if you used metallic details and simple colors for your home decor. Highly recommended for boys’ rooms and bachelors’ homes!

Watercolor 1 style, along with Watercolor 2 and 3, comes with a textured background. As you probably guessed, this texture gives a sense of depth and perspective, to the print. The colors of this combination are predominantly warm tones, like red or orange. You might wonder whether the colors are muted, due to the watercolor technique used for the print. The answer is yes & no. The colors are muted in a sense that they are not extremely bright and shiny but on the other hand they are easily noticeable. A marvelous piece for your dining room!

This style is the perfect match for your living room! If you used earth tones for your furniture and white or cool colors for your walls, this piece will take your space to the next level. The greenish, greyish and brown colors used for this style are ideal for you if you are looking for a feeling of ‘controlled calmness’—I am pretty sure that this is not a thing but I might be on to something here, heh! These dark tones complement the details of the original design in a very distinctive way. Definitely not eccentric, nor peculiar, this is a rather remarkable style for your space!

Watercolor 3 is particularly eye-catching! Its warm tones of orange and yellow contrast perfectly with the cooler ones of green. Such a playful and crisp color combination! Watercolor 3 is best suited in more minimal homes cause of its vivid colors, but it is also a bold choice for more colorful homes. Its stimulating colors will put a smile on your face and if you choose to give it away as a gift it will also bring joy to all ages!

The name which I chose for this style is so telling and it is for y’all the urban lovers! Cheer along with me: Urban, Urban, Urban! This style comes across as a linear drawing due to its sketched background. Urban is a youthful style and it is highly recommended to suit hype homes. It is an ideal gift for relatively young people or it can be placed in your playroom. Moreover, the rather neurotic, linear sketches are finely fainted by using the watercolor technique.

Distressed style 1, along with Distressed 2, and 3, may come across as ‘damaged’ or ‘destroyed’, but actually is a rather refined style. It is ideal for all sorts of home interiors due to the diversity that it displays. Distressed 1, combines fine earth tones with modern design techniques and I think it is going to be an excellent addition to your wall gallery. Its uniqueness makes it a very thoughtful gift for those friends of yours who enjoy alternative pieces. Finally, I highly recommended it for blank spaces in your home; this style alone can bring some character where it is more needed.

Distressed 2 succeeds in bringing different styles together. The result is going to leave you in awe. This style comes across as an old papyrus, yet one immediately notices its hype vibe. The colors used complement the background perfectly, and vice versa. My reviewers often say that this style can make any design a great conversational piece. It is best suggested to suit your office or home library but also living room and bedroom. I personally believe that it is a great gift for your significant other!

Distressed 3 is often described as a movie poster! This style, indeed, has its very own character and it is as if there is a story to be told behind it. It can, clearly, elevate the blankest spaces. To be perfectly honest, this is a difficult one to match with other styles, but various designs created in the same style are ideal for your wall gallery. Distressed 3 is the perfect style for complementing your memories of a specific place you visited! Let it travel you beyond those memories!

We all heart Retro, don’t we? There are no words to describe this style. It is the Jack of all trades, the master of all! Retro is excellent in all respects and ideal for any home. It really doesn’t make a difference if your home is modern or more classic, empty or filled with superfluous decor (- this last one was a direct reference to y’all the crazy extravaganzas out there), cause prints designed in Retro style are lovely no matter what. You are gonna be over the moon with this one! Just hit ‘order’ and I’ll ship it as quickly as possible!


This unique style radiates mystique! The keyword for this style is ‘dramatic’ and it is perfect to highlight any current decor trends. Its colors are elegantly muted and the design which is located in the center catches the eye. Cityscape Watercolor 5 is ideal for   someone who cherishes travel moments. Once you have looked at this piece you will have the impression that the city is covered by fog, due to the watercolor technique. It goes well with both playful interior colors but also with white ones!

This is a very charming style! Its earthy, ‘moody’ colors suit your white walls perfectly. ‘Moody’ is a trend on the rise and it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘muted’ or ‘boring’. These colors are rich and they can elevate any space since they add sophistication. If you have decorated your home with earthy tones, wooden & golden details and old fashioned (yet super trendy, now) furniture this style is for you! This is the ideal style to be hanged above a big pile of books, next to plants or bookcases!

This is a very captivating style! Black & White is a safe choice and it doesn’t need to be a trend since it has always played a big role in home decor. This style along with the watercolor technique it’ll take you under its spell! This style, as I have said elsewhere, is recommended for all sorts of homes. It is the perfect gift for any occasion but especially for someone who you might not know that much. It is always difficult to pick a gift for someone and there is a double trouble if you do not know a person all that much but Black & White is the ideal style since everyone likes it!

City map with skyline theme

This style is all about skylines and cityscapes but with the added part of a city map/street grid in the background. The City map skyline prints radiate a sense of familiarity. They brighten up your space and make it feel more cozy. Probably it is cause of its nearly hipster, very modern & hype, vintage look that does the job! A very thoughtful gift for your boyfriend, husband, partner, significant other, brother or even a great gift for Father’s day. Beauty may lie in simplicity but these prints are stunning!

City map with skyline close up theme

This category is so near and dear to my heart and to yours too as it seems, cause I have received many many compliments. Probably it is cause of its nearly hipster, very modern & hype, vintage look that does the job! I think that prints of this category are perfect to be hanged over the couch or fireplace in your living room. Since they come across as more youthful, they are great for your children’s room, too. City Map & Skyline prints collection can bring back memories of your birthplace!

City skyline set of 3 prints

A big piece for big personalities! Just kidding! This style is for relatively spacious walls but feel free to pair it with other prints, too. There are a bunch of ways to hang them on your wall apart from the obvious one. You can hang one above the other in a line to create this feeling of structure, also one after the other (as you guessed this is the obvious way) which is a way to add depth and perspective to your home. Finally you can hang them in no particular order (maybe also diagonally) but in close proximity to each other and leave your friends in awe. A gift for someone who you want to impress!


Without title map

If you are a ‘picture’s worth a thousand words’ kind of person then let’s travel together around the globe with this World Map print, without saying a single word! Feel free to check the available styles and pick your preferred one for this World Map Without Title.

Your custom pastel title map

If your life is guided be a specific motto or you want to pass along a message this one is for you! You can pick the style that suits your needs and home and you can contact me to work on a title together! Spread your message through a print!

Wanderlust pastel title map

Wanderlust is not just a trend! It is a state of mind. Wanderlust is all about the burning the desire to explore the world; begin the task with this print! Close your eyes, put your finger on the map and see where is your next destination!

Adventure awaits pastel title map

‘Not all those who wander are lost’ Tolkien says, and I guess he knew what he was talking about since adventure can make our heart beat faster! This World Map print is a kind reminder for you or your loved ones that ‘Adventure Awaits’!

Wanderlust faux gold title map

Wanderlust Faux Gold World Map is an extremely refined gift. It goes well with white or moody walls but also with wooden and golden details. It is perfect for more minimal but also classic homes!

Adventure awaits faux gold title map

Adventure Awaits Faux Gold World Map is a very elegant and thoughtful gift for your girlfriend, wife, daughter and colleague! It is highly recommended to suit living rooms and bedrooms but people often say that it looks great in their home office, too. Let me know what you did with it!

Detailed world map sample

This piece is near and dear to my heart cause when I designed it, it didn’t even cross my mind that it would make an excellent guest book for a wedding or a party! I deeply thank my reviewers for being so kind and happy to share with me this idea! Their guests were so happy to write a wish next to their birthplace or next to their place of residence while leaving the party! It is also ideal for every single room in your home (from kitchen and bathroom, to living room and dinning room).

World map set of 3 prints

This Set of 3 Prints World Map is very impressive from the first glance! It is more than ideal for big spaces, corners but also it can be well suited above a bed, couch or even above (a more industrial) kitchen sink! Do not be afraid to play with this print and see how it best fits your individual needs!