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I think it is only fair to start from the beginning. Right? So, it all started back in April of 2010, when I visited New York City for an international exhibition. (We all heart NYC, don’t we?) As you can imagine the queue was massive, so I took the chance (if we can call it that, heh) to quickly sketch a silly doodle which turned out to be what I had before my eyes, a.k.a some of the glorious buildings (you didn’t guess that did you? Just kidding!). So, done deed; actually, οn the very exhibition ticket which I was holding, while I was about to enter a store on 5th Avenue in order to buy a small gift for my precious daughter. This — almost — forgotten sketch found its way to become my very first destination artwork on my Etsy shop in early 2014. I was flying high! The audience’s acceptance of the city poster series was (and in the matter of fact — still is) beyond amazing and I deeply appreciate it as an artist. So unexpected! Breath in, breath out!

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Now, after 7 years of constant designing and never – ending/ever – expanding improvement, I have been working on travel poster artworks which represent 247 cities around the globe. I have created 26 different style schemes for each and every one of my cityscapes and city map prints, also 132 world map prints to make it even easier for you to find the perfect print which suits your personal space and you can hang it on your wall. If you are not a “a picture’s worth a thousand words” person and you want to shout something from the rooftop, the artworks can be customised (meaning, I can include a personalised message on the map of the world map poster or to change the title to city skyline art prints) so it makes the perfect gift for your children’s graduation or for mother’s. The text can also be a sweet reminder of the promises you made to your loved ones and significant others, or simply a friendly reminder to yourself to travel more! Literally anything! Let these unique high quality prints to express your state of mind. I’m more than excited (yep you got that right, this is indeed an understatement) to begin this new “art journey” with you and I cross my heart to stay in touch with y’ all via my blog. I’ll write hard and clear about all the interesting insights and I promise I’ll bring my A-game! Even if you love to travel but you don’t at least as much as you want, enough with the coulda, woulda, shoulda. As my moto says: “let your wall, travel you further”! Cause you know…traveling (one way or another) puts a smile on our faces! Fingers crossed and off we go! XOXO Vicky

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243 destination posters from around the globe, the most of these city prints are available at vertical, horizontal, with street map above and in set of 3 wall art (approx. 465 total artworks). 26 unique schemes, for each & every city art print. 14 standard sizes for all poster to cover any wall gallery. That means up to 156.240 travel print selections to choose your ideal one!





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Absolutely loved this print!!! Can’t wait to put this up in my husband’s den. The urban print gives a cool look! Vicky is awesome!

Leslie Rosete

Delivered so fast! looks very beautiful on my wall.

Anamika Das

Great print! Really chuffed with these and can’t wait to see them all on my lounge walls. Thanks Vicky!

Bev McGonagle

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