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All of my products, the prints, the posters, the canvases, the mugs, are made with loads of love and care. I would have never created something that I myself wouldn’t choose for my home and I don’t believe in. I value quality, aesthetics and more importantly I value your feedback! My email box is open for your comments and reviews 24/7. Anywise, this is the most fulfilling part of the process: to hear back from you and to see you come back again and again for further purchases or see you recommend the e-shop to others. This is when I know that you trust me and my work! Only after that, I can be 100% sure that I did a good job!

My collection is all about minimal and fine designs from all around the globe. My motto as you may already know is ‘Let Your Wall Travel You Further’ and I mean it! This is how I roll in my home! I love being in a creative frenzy, it makes me feel alive and when I design for you I do not feel alone. I literally do feel as if we are traveling the world together. I learned so many stuff during these past years, apart from graphic designing which I simply adore, I learned a lot about various countries and I communicated with people from all around the world! This has been a blast and this is what keeps me going and blooming as an artist! Travel away… eh… I mean, browse away! Heh! We’ll definitely be in touch!

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