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The short answer is love

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People often say “if you turn your hobby into a career then you’ll never have to work a single day in your life”, which is something that defines me as a person and consequently as an artist. However, I prefer to call what I actually do a jobby (heh)! I enjoy it to the maximum and that makes me creative but I am also determined to produce high quality artwork and that makes me efficient!

My name is Vicky, and as many of you may already know (or guessed!) I’m a graphic designer. I create happily in Greece — yas! Athens, otherwise known as the cradle of western civilization, the very birthplace of democracy. However, as you probably know, Greece is well liked for its breathtaking islands! So, I live in peace here with the three greatest loves of my life: my supportive husband, my precious daughter and, of course, my little crazy, fuzzy dog! 

My inspiration stems from my eagerness to travel and from the desire to design with passion. At this point, I feel the need to acknowledge all of you who have been supporting me during this high meaningful and motivating journey. It’s been a blast people! 

I started my first shop on Etsy under the name of “ArtFilesVicky” back in 2014 in order to take you on a captivating (borderline addictive) dreamlike journey around the globe with me. This journey can be better described as a longing for connection, since we’re traveling through my artwork, together. If you found your way to this e-shop and you’re reading this right now, then this is the ultimate connection that I am talking about: we are all craving for a peace of mind, a lust (if I may) for traveling (more). That subtle connection led me to open my second shop dedicated to y’ all travel lovers (like me) in August of 2015, which I named “ArtPrintsVicky”. 

After these 8 years of gaining experience and exposure in the Etsy marketplace, with approximately 48.000 sales which were rated with 5 stars based on approximately 4.900 reviews, I decided to finally spread my wings and open my own e- shop. My deepest wish is to take you on this trip with me, cause this e-shop is my child and my end game. Be sure that I have nourished it with loads of love and creation frenzy! My priority, as always, is to do the best for all of you who trusted me before and all of you who are about to do so. My ambition is for this to be for you an amazing and exciting shop, as it already is for me. 

Many of the pieces of artwork available for sale here can be customized; for example, the color or the color combination and the size, can all be adjusted to your preferences under request. Also, it is possible for me to add a specific text, such as a date, on the print! If you do like this idea of a customized print, or even if you prefer a piece of artwork as it is, please do not hesitate to contact me and discuss with me whatever may troubles you!