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Australian City Prints

The specific country/continent collection ends with Australia. The land down under! To be perfectly honest Australia is way too far away and this is not an easy journey to organize. However, this land is dreamy so it’s worth it. It combines beautiful seashores and coastlines, long dry deserts, hip cities, wildlife but also magnificent skylines. In other words, Australia brings everything together! Oh, glamorous Sydney, subtropical Brisbane, noisy Melbourne and lively Perth. Australia is the place to be, mate (!) and exactly because I know that this one is a tough cookie, this is your chance to let your wall travel you further. Btw, if you managed to visit Australia at some point but the only souvenirs you could actually find around were mini kangaroos and boomerangs my eshop is the place for you for something more… elegant!

You are in for a treat cause my Australian City Prints collection manages to merge all the important features which Australia has to offer in an (more or less) abstract yet sophisticated way. This collection comes in various color combinations and styles. You can choose between pastel color combinations, dazzling earth tone combinations and of course black & white or grey tones. Moreover, you can pick the size that suits your space better but also you can choose between vertical or horizontal designs. I think that prints of this collection go well in your halls (especially if you have a bland front/welcoming hall and you don’t know what to do with it), or stairways (you’ll have something — which screams ‘personality’ — to look at while going up & down the stairs). Also, Australian City Skyline Art Prints collection can be a perfect match for your office, to give that space a little extra sparkle.

People often say that my prints are an ideal gift for their friends’ anniversaries, weddings and birthdays, but I think that my prints can also be an ultimate gift to honor someone’s country! So, if you want to buy something for an Aussie friend, I gotcha! I personally recommend the skylines & cityscapes prints for a thoughtful housewarming gift! Don’t forget that we can also work together if you prefer personalized prints; just drop me a line and I’ll do whatever I can to please your needs! If you have in mind small or big adjustment recommendations please do not hesitate to contact me with the details. As I always say, adventure awaits, so does Australia!

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