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$ 12.00$ 175.00

Global City Prints
We all heart Europe and the US, Canada and Australia but there is so much more in the world than that. There’s so much diversity to be acknowledged. I would have been more than happy to be able to introduce you to every part of the world but sadly I can’t cause it would go on forever! So many continents, countries, cities, states in this Global Prints collection. So many places to visit, so many places to describe: Africa, Asia, Russia, India and the enchanting Middle East! If you cannot find what you want in that collection (or any other collection of mine) please let me know and we can work on a specific design together! Do not feel at all restricted by the categories and the countries listed here, these are just examples and recommendations or popular choices.

My work is for me a 24/7 source of creativity and my artistic impulse can take us further! I am waiting to make your ideas and wishes come true so that we can travel the world together! If you want to give your guest room a little something this is your chance! If you are living on the other side of the world and you feel homesick this collection is for you! On the contrary, if you live and work on the other side of the world and you do not feel homesick at all, this collection is also for you cause it can give you a visual representation of the place that you live in! Prints of different parts of the world go extremely well with the World Maps posters collection. As you probably guessed this pairing gives a sense of orientation and unity. Skyline prints of this collection come in different shapes, sizes and color combinations!

You can choose between pastel or grey mutated tones, elegant black & white or vibrant earth tones! It is up to you to pick which skyline print suits best your walls and home decor. If you have any questions or recommendations for personalized orders I will be more than excited to accommodate your needs! As always, I can add texts, dates or names on the prints for you in a font of your choice and that makes the prints a perfect gift for Christmas or for Thanks Giving. It is also a perfect gift for your significant other; in this way you can commemorate where you both come from, where you first met or you can bring back the memories from your honeymoon. I truly believe that prints of this category are fabulous conversation pieces! Trust me, I cross my heart!