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Canvas Print For Any City Or Map collection. The box canvas prints is such an interesting collection with designs which represent various places around the world. You can choose between various designs, styles and color combinations for the designs of your choice. If you loved one design from another category and you want it on a canvas please do not hesitate to contact me. I can bring the artwork to life with the amazing texture of a stretched canvas. If you are an impatient one this collection is for you! The canvas is ready to be hanged since it is stretched on a wood frame and thus no additional framed is required!

The canvas itself is a high quality cotton canvas which complements any design. Decorate your walls with vibrant design on canvas! The list in inexhaustible: you can choose between pastel color combinations or between four different earth tones (some muted but also some very lively), black & white or chalkboard, grey or grey/blue muted tones, distressed style or just a simple, elegant and gold outline. So many options! This is going to be a great addition to your travel collection, a superb conversation piece! Canvas Art Prints are for y’all old souls who appreciate old school art mediums with a touch of modern graphic designs. Your approach to life and views over art interest me much! If you want to do business together and brainstorm with me do contact me in a heartbeat! I always am more than happy to discuss special requests and custom orders in order to create exactly what you have in mind. I cross my heart I will go above & beyond for you! Canvases are all about highlighting the places we love and the countries we want to visit. They are ideal to be hanged above your couch or office, they perfectly match your library and study rooms, they complement your bedroom and they radiate this sense of fine art.

Canvases put cityscapes and skylines into perspective and they are a very refined and delicate gift, especially the three piece canvas prints. They were created with care to be appreciated for their aesthetic content. So, they are prepared carefully and shipped flat inside cardboard. I will be by your side for the whole shipping process proving tracking information or any other information. In the rare case that something goes unexpectedly wrong be sure that I’ll work with you to resolve any issue. I gladly accept returns if the product does not meet your expectations for any reason. My priority is to make you happy and my aspiration is to put a smile on your face and warmth in your home! SantО and bon voyage!